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Topline Design Solutions have been founded by Midhun Somy in 2016 as an outlet for design and marketing services. We are a growing family-owned company with creative designers from around the world. We work hard to serve small to large businesses globally. Our design team take each work seriously and strive to give our best every day. Contact us to help you achieve any great challenge!

Our team consists of:

  • Charles John – Team Lead 8 years
  • Jithin Raj – Graphic/Web designer 6 years
  • Edwin Mathews – UI Developer 2 years
  • Justin Thomas – Php Developer 4 years

Our Process

Identify the task

Our design process begins with the identification of the task.This is one of the crucial part of the design process. Here, we will learn a little bit about you, your company and how we will be able to help you. We will listen to you, gather the necessary details, research, and make a brilliant plan for you. Our creative team of designers will work with you from start to end.


The fun and most interesting part of our design process is to Design. Our design team consists of well-trained and experienced designers. We will provide our input based on existing best practices in the design industry for your work. We will sketch-out the design and have them evaluated by you first. Any touch-ups or fine-tuning can be done before we actually make the final blueprint of the design.


Developing the Design is the next step in our design process. The design team at Topline Design Solutions (TDS) will create your project using outstanding software tools in the industry. We will work diligently and guarantee an exceptional turnaround.


At last, we have reached our last step in the design process, Presentation of the design project. We will go over the final work with you to make sure everything is completed correctly as planned and to see if you are satisfied with our performance. When we get the thumbs-up from you, we will deliver the files or products.